“I spent 2 years here and safe to say the best 2 years of school I’ve done.  I’ve made some of my best friends and really found to have reached my potential and enjoyed every minute of it.  I would highly recommend for anyone enrolling here.  The teachers are friendly and the work ethic is outstanding.  Overall I have enjoyed all my time here and would encourage anyone to come here.  Elisha guided us through everything like a Dad more than a teacher.”

Donal Dillane, 2019

“Coming to Brookfield was definitely worth it.  Some parts of the year were tough but I felt being at Brookfield made it easier without many distractions.  I also made many good friends.”

Emily Pierse, 2019

“Dr. Martin ★★★★★ Siobhan ★★★★★ Everyone ★★★★★”

Jillian O’Toole, 2019

My year in Brookfield can be summed up in one word, joyful.  At the start of the year it was very tough to face the Leaving Cert again.  But once you get into the swing of it the year flies by and you make the best of friends and have the best of teachers.

Thomas Barrett, 2018

Wow!  What can I say.  I think the best decision I’ve made in my life yet has been to move to Brookfield College.  From the most amazing, nicest teachers and staff, to the friendly warm atmosphere, I always had a smile on my face coming to school.  Everyone here helped me to achieve the results I needed and I’m so thankful for it.

Charlotte Murphy, 2018

"For me I feel that anyone who wants to try and maximise their potential should consider attending Brookfield College. It is specifically designed for students who want to achieve the very best they can for themselves. My own experience at Brookfield was characterised by focused and purposeful classes, teachers who were both talented instructors and patient listeners as well as a very welcoming atmosphere. Smaller class groups and regular quiet study periods are two features unique to Brookfield, which enable a particularly focused learning environment. There is so much more to Brookfield than studying however, as I discovered this past year. It brings together a diverse collection of people and personalities, binding us together with our common goal of performing at our best. Brookfield's lively and regular student events add further to the energy already present at the school. To any and all faced with taking the Leaving Certificate for the first time or are thinking about repeating, I highly recommend Brookfield College for you."

Conor Harty, 2017

"Brookfield College facilitates an enjoyable learning experience that gives great results".

Eimear Kearney, 2017

"I made some really great friends at Brookfield College, all of whom understood the challenge of having to repeat the Leaving Cert. The teachers were incredibly helpful and supportive, and I'm very grateful to them for all their efforts. Despite the LC, we still managed to have fun - I definitely won't forget when my team won the Christmas Quiz! Anyways, I had a great time at Brookfield College, and I hope you will too!" 

Niamh McLoughlin, 2016

"Brookfield College caters for students who wish to achieve their full potential in the Leaving Cert. There is a homely atmosphere within the school that is also conducive to learning. My experience in Brookfield College has been very positive. There is a close knit relationship between students and teachers. Here the teachers go above and beyond to help students get the results they want. Due to this dedication, students feel prepared for assessments and exams. However, it is not all work and study. The common room allows for friendships to be struck up and it is a place to relax and unwind with friends. My time in Brookfield has been most enjoyable and I would highly recommend it".

William Costello, 2016

"I attended Brookfield College as a fifth and sixth year student. I found it very beneficial as the teachers helped guide me up to the completion of my Leaving Cert. Students and teachers work well together with constant study tips and helpful advice. The atmosphere in the school is very friendly and open with an ultimate goal of achieving high results and working towards a student's full potential".

Clodagh Moriarty, 2014

"Brookfield's open attitude, warm atmosphere approachable and passionate teachers made my year here a wonderful and enlightening experience".

Mairéad Walsh, 2013

"How would I sum up Brookfield... LOVED IT!"

Mary Healy, 2013

"I was unfortunate not to have got enough points for my course last year so I had to choose if I should repeat or not. At first I was dreading the thought of having to go through all the stress and pressure of the exams again. Within the first few days of starting back I found a great group of friends and the teachers and staff were very friendly. I took up three new subjects and with the excellent teaching skills of my teachers I got the hang of them with ease. Brookfield removes the idea of an institution that some people associate school with. I enjoyed every day I spent there and would recommend it to anyone wishing to greatly improve their academic skill and achieve their potential".

Imran Gardezi, 2011

"Brookfield was a huge part of my path to third level and employment. The skills I learned there have helped me go further in life. The staff was kind and friendly. I would recommend Brookfield College to any student, young or old".

Conrad Ryan, 2008

"Having spent two years in Brookfield I would highly recommend it to anyone who needs help in fulfilling his or her dreams for the future. It allowed me the chance to experience subjects that may not have been available to me in another school and staff who were able to advise me in combining my strengths. For this I will be eternally grateful".

Katie O'Reilly, 2008


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