Thinking of joining Brookfield College?

June 18th, 2020
Thinking of joining Brookfield College?

What's Different About Brookfield College?

This year, we celebrate working with students for 32 years, since 1988 says Principal Elisha Dowling.  I like to emphasise the word "with" as it conveys the approach we take with all students who come here.  We have created an atmosphere in College where students are expected and encouraged to perform to the best of their ability.  The most important part of this equation (yes, Elisha also teaches Maths!) has to be our teachers.  At present we have 16 teachers in the school, all highly qualified teachers who are motivated and enthusiastic about teaching.  They just love teaching... and that does come out in the students!  We don't have uniforms and teachers are known on a first name basis, this all fosters maturity amongst the students.

Why Choose Brookfield College?

At Brookfield College we feel we offer you that alternative. In a competitive market for jobs and third level places opportunities exist for those who have proven their ability. For those with little to show doors remain closed. It is worth considering this before you decide your next move.

Our teachers are highly qualified. They are experts in their field. They are conscientious, motivated and hard working. We promote an atmosphere of respect and partnership where teachers and students work together to achieve their goals. 

Teachers, Continuous Assessment and Personal Attention

Students will be monitored continuously and will be required to sit regular assessments. Leaving Certificate students will also sit a Pre Leaving Certificate exam. Results of all the assessments will be dispatched to the students' parents/guardians.

Each student is assigned a personal tutor. The tutors meet with students after each assessment to discuss progress and help with any problems the student might have. Tutors meet with parents in December.

Career Guidance also gets priority during the Senior Cycle as we find it answers a lot of questions that students may have and gives them clarification.

Are you committed?

Finally while we will provide a good working environment and our teachers will provide high quality, well-structured classes, you the student are the one who must provide the motivation, discipline and commitment to work hard. We can not do the study or the learning for you. At the interview we will be looking for a commitment from you to work hard. Our objective is to help you reach your potential. If you do that we are happy whether that potential is 200 points or 600 points.

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