5th Year Students

From our point of view it is a huge advantage having students with us for 2 years instead of 1 year. We believe strongly in the benefits of an intensive fully committed, all embracing programme in 6th Year. Hence the 5th Year programme will be geared as a preparation for our intensive programme in 6th Year. When a student moves into 6th Year he/she will fall in with, and follow, the same intensive programme that students who join us for 1 year do.

They will however have the advantage of having approximately half the course covered from 5th Year and will be used to our methods and requirements. In 6th Year they will revise what they covered in 5th Year as well as dealing with new material.

It is important to note that when a student moves from 5th Year with us into 6th Year they will have different classmates and may have a different teacher for some subjects. While we try to give as much flexibility as possible there are some constraints regarding subject choice for 5th Year.


Here are the subjects we will be offering to our 5th year students in the coming school year: 

Irish, English, Maths, Home Economics, Biology, Physics, Economics.

Accounting OR Geography.

Art OR Agricultural Science.

Chemistry OR Business OR History.

French OR Spanish OR German.


A student wishing to study a subject that is not covered by us (ie: Music, DCG, Applied Maths etc.) can study it privately and sit the exam at Brookfield College.

Contact us to request a brochure - (066) 7145896 or call into our office